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St. Augustine Lighthouses Mug

St. Augustine Lighthouses Mug

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Things to do in Saint Augustine definitely include visiting the St. Augustine lighthouse, and once you’ve done so you can remember it with this unique, high-quality ceramic mug with images of the coquina lighthouse built by the Spanish, which deteriorated and fell into the sea in 1880, along with the new and current one, which went “live” in 1874. We designed it ourselves using images from old postcards so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Common Questions / St. Augustine Lighthouse Facts

• How many steps does the St. Augustine lighthouse have? - 219

• When was the St. Augustine lighthouse built? - 1874

• How tall is the Saint Augustine lighthouse? - 165 ft above sea level

• How old is St. Augustine lighthouse? - In 2024 it will be 150 years old

• Who built the St. Augustine lighthouse? - The current lighthouse was built from 1871-1874 using post-Civil War Reconstruction funds, so the US government.

The Saint Augustine lighthouse is on Anastasia Island close to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. One might wonder why it is not closer to the ocean, in fact much of Anastasia State Park lies between the lighthouse and the ocean. There are two reasons. First, the previous lighthouse, made of coquina, fell victim to erosion from the sea in 1880, so the new one was built a little farther west. But of greater interest, all of that part of the park did not exist until well after 1900. Shifting sands eventually led to actual land and vegetation. See the image I compiled of area maps since the 1700s and you can clearly see the progression!

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