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Hotel Ponce de Leon Menu (1889)

Hotel Ponce de Leon Menu (1889)

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From Henry Flagler's flagship resort, a print of a Hotel Ponce de Leon menu (dinner) from March 25, 1889.

What might hotel guests have discussed around the dinner table?

  • The world's tallest man-made structure, the Eiffel Tower, was set to open in a few days at the 1889 World's Fair in Paris.
  • Grover Cleveland had recently signed a bill to admit the Dakotas, Montana & Washington to the union as new states.
  • Benjamin Harrison had just taken over for Cleveland as Harrison was sworn in on March 4 as the 23rd US President (not until the 20th amendment in 1933 would inauguration day change form March 4 to January 20).
  • And although they didn't know it yet, both Charlie Chaplin and Adolph Hitler were set to be born within a few weeks.

The image is printed on lightweight foam board and arrives with everything you need to hang it. We have our Hotel Ponce de Leon foam board menu on a shelf in the kitchen (unhung). Very lightweight.

We have a rental house in Saint Augustine and display this on a shelf in the kitchen area.

Dimensions: 8”w x 12”h

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We’ve included in the images various other Hotel Ponce de Leon menus that we’ve found online.

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