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San Agustín Town and Port (1783)

San Agustín Town and Port (1783)

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This map is interesting because, although it is from the time of British ownershp of Saint Augustine, the map is in Spanish. The town did not revert back to the Spanish until 1784 when the American Revolution was concluded.

The original piece is 7-1/2 by 15-1/4 inches and includes a second map of Florida and Cuba. You can see this in the second image but since it was in an overall 2:1 ratio we couldn't print the entire thing. So we kept the focus on Saint Augustine.

This beautiful image is printed on aluminum which faithfully preserves the orginal colors. It arrives with hardware for easy hanging.

Dimensions: 12”w x 8”h or 16”w x 12”h or 36”w x 24”h or 36”w x 24”h

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