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1850 Florida Map

1850 Florida Map

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Color map of Florida with counties as they existed in 1850, with insets of Pensacola, Tallahassee, and Saint Augustine. Originally published by Thomas Cowperthwait in the 1850 edition of Mitchell's A New Universal Atlas.

When this map was published, Florida had only been a state for five years. Before that it had been a US territory since being ceded to the US by Spain as par of the Adams-Onís Treaty. As part of that same treaty, Spain surrendered its claims to the Pacific Northwest and the United States recognized Spanish sovereignty over Texas (we all know how that worked out).

Printed on high-quality birch wood, this piece combines natural texture and sustainable materials. You'll see the wood grain, and the natural color of the wood gives the piece its antique look. The wood is only 10mm thick so it's a lightweight piece, and arrives with hardware for easy hanging.

Dimensions: 16”w x 20”h

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The original map is about 13” wide x 15-3/4” tall

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