St. George Street (Then & Now)

This shot of St. George Street is way down by the Plaza, looking north onto St. George from its intersection with Cathedral Place. At this time, Cathedral dead-ended into St. George, as there was no Cordova Street to proceed onto.

This corner is unrecognizable today. The buildings on the left were replaced by a parking lot (with a small trolley stand). We found the building on the right referred to as "Bishop's House," "Priest's Dwg," (presumably "dwelling"), and "Priest's Ho" (probably "home" or "house"). As it was right next to the cathedral, such a purpose makes sense although there is no structure there today, and within the small park area beside the church we found no mention of any previous use.

Confidence in location accuracy: 100%

See for yourself: Stand at the SE corner of St. George and Cathedral. Step into St. George from there a few feet.

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