St. Augustine Vacation Rental

If you are involved with property management for St. Augustine, Florida rental properties and think it makes sense to inject more history into your guest experience, we have options for you.

We love history, live in St. Augustine, and own both a home and a rental house (each over 100 years old). We want our visitors to experience a bit of old Florida and hopefully learn a bit about St. Augustine. We have created these offerings both for our own use and to give others some easy options for their own St. Augustine vacation rentals.

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Old St. Augustine Postcards

Postcards for your St. Augustine rental property

These are our most affordable and hands-on offerings. So much St. Augustine history is reflected in old postcards that we decided to reproduce the ones we like best.

Place some in your rental property and invite your guests to send quick notes to friends and family. A free gift from you - or ask them to leave money for each one they use. Each postcard is ready to send since a 51¢ "forever" stamp is included.

They cost $2 each, including the stamp. Purchase 5 or more and shipping is free. On our site we also have additional information about each postcard (mostly history) plus a recent photo taken from the same spot.

Old St. Augustine Maps

Here's a quick view of the old St. Augustine maps that we have. Some are printed on wood for a real rustic look. Some can be printed on aluminum. All are available a prints on museum-quality matte paper, framed or unframed.

Images on this page are less sharp than in the physical items since we're trying to keep this web page from getting too bulky and slow to load.

1885 Aerial St. Augustine Decor for STR

An 1884 "bird's eye view" of St. Augustine. There is so much history embedded in this image! We have a 4-ft-wide version of this in our own home. Available printed with a dark wood frame, printed on metal, or as a simple matte paper print.

Saint Augustine nautical chart - AirBnB decor

Nautical chart of the Saint Augustine area showing Matanzas Bay, the Matanzas River, the North River, and the land as it was in 1879. Available in a wood frame, printed on wood, or as a museum-quality matte print.

1783 map of Saint Augustine - great for a St. Aug short-term rental

This 1783 map is from the very end of the British period. A quality matte print with or without a wood frame. Also printed on aluminum.

Saint Augustine town and harbor map from 1887

This map shows the town layout in 1887. Florida was already a state. This was two years after Henry Flagler moved to St. Augustine and began the Hotel Ponce de Leon. Available as a wood print or print on matte paper with or without a dark wood frame.

St. Augustine Mugs

We haven't made many mugs but can easily put whatever old postcard or other St. Augustine image on them. Here's what we have so far:
St. Augustine Mugs for a Rental House

The first one features postage stamps from the past that are about Saint Augustine or the early Spanish discoverers/explorers of Florida (which all began in St. Augustine). The stamps are from the US and Spanish postal services. In the middle is a mug with the old coquina lighthouse on one side and the current lighthouse (1874- ) on the other. The final one has an image from St. George Street, about 1900.

More for your St. Aug. Rental

Here are a few more items, first one from St. Augustine and then a few Florida pieces that we think go well here.

Old Hotel Ponce de Leon menu for your short-term rental kitchen

This is an 1889 dinner menu from the Hotel Ponce de Leon. Available as a print on lightweight foam board. We have this in our rental, in the kitchen area on a shelf.

1850 Florida map for a St. Augustine AirBnB or St. Augustine Vrbo.

Here's a nice Florida map from 1850. We have this in our rental, printed on wood which we highly recommend. Also available as a matte print (framed or unframed) or as a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Here's the same 1850 Florida map, but on a coaster.

Map of NE Florida from 1876 including all the area around St. Augustine and Jacksonville

1876 map of northeast Florida, from Jacksonville down to the Matanzas Inlet south of St. Augustine. Shows the St. Johns's Railroad which took steamboat passengers debarking at Tocoi Landing on the river to St. Augustine. Available as a hanging print or printed on wood.

Florida territory in 1834 - print for a Florida vacation rental

Florida as a US territory in 1834, with massive counties. Duval County (Jacksonville) extends all the way to the Gulf of Mexico!