Old Bridge to Anastasia (Then & Now)

The postcard shows the old wooden bridge from Saint Augustine to Anastasia Island across the Matanzas River. This bridge, built in 1895, was located just south of where the Bridge of Lions is today, with "cars" pulled by horses or mules but beginning in 1904 with electric cars as shown here. South Beach on Anastasia was the main recreational beach for the area.

We included a third photo, taken during Bridge of Lions construction, which shows the positions of the two bridges. This was important in our attempt to determine the location. We found no old pilings, no historical marker, or anything else to guide us. We backed up a bit, showing a bit of grass, on the assumption that the seawall has been moved out a bit. The wooden wall seen on the left is from the current construction that unearthed and old boat from the "boat basin" that was once there.

Confidence in location accuracy: 95% (we're sure of the approximate location, just not of the exact spot)

See for yourself: we're showing a spot about where one walks onto the dock at the marina (111 Avenida Menendez), however we know that old bridge was lined up with King Street, so it should be a little farther north. We will replace the photo once the construction finishes and we can get to the right spot.

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Old wooden bridge to Anastasia Island

Site of old wooden bridge to Anastasia

Bridge of Lions construction, showing the location of the old wooden bridge