Florida East Coast Rail Road Depot (Then & Now)

Here's a postcard showing the passenger terminal of the Florida East Coast Rail Road (the red-roofed building in the distance), along with a current photo from about the same location. The postcard suggests a higher vantage point, but without drones in 1910 it was probably just imagined. Focus on the curved boundary at the bottom of the yellow square, and also on the fountain, both of which are still there at the current fire station.

The station ran east-west and I believe the north side of the Flagler parking garage is over the spot since on old fire maps the station is clearly about 1/3 block south of Valencia. The fire station is where the covered "shed" area along the tracks was, with all the horse-drawn carriages ready to cart away the new arrivals.

Confidence in location accuracy: 100%

See for yourself: south corner of Malaga and US-1

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Florida East Coast Rail Road passenger terminal in a post card, with a recent photo taken from about the same location.