Compare Us vs. Others

Here's an honest look at one of our offerings vs. other versions of the same print that we found online.

1885 Saint Augustine Print

Let's compare this nice city view of Saint Augustine between Florida Historical Art and Zazzle. We both offer it in 28" wide by 20" tall, so we'll focus on that one.

On the surface, we offer it for $21 and they have it for $31, or 47.6% more, however during checkout they automatically applied a 20%-off coupon, so at least for our test it was $24.80 (18.1% more). But ours comes standard on museum-quality, heavyweight, acid-free paper. Theirs is "Value Poster Paper" with a $23.40 upcharge for the "archival heavyweight" paper. So it's $21 vs. $54.40. Shipping is $8.95 from us and $8.99 from them.

They offer a mind-numbing 61 different sizes and the ability to put it onto t-shirts, flasks, and a lot more but absolutely no information about the image and its related history. We can see the street we live on in Saint Augustine! It's a high-volume printing operation that still has higher prices.

Another vendor (904 Paper) sells it on quality paper for $30 with $4 shipping. The closest size on Etsy (24" x 17") was $50 with free shipping. Vintage City Maps has a 36" x 24" version for $44.95 on good paper with $9.95 shipping. At STORENVY, their 30" x 27" version is $51.75 plus $15 shipping and a $3.99 "handling fee." We found a 24" x 18" one on ebay for $33.99 with free shipping.

The Following Apply to Everything

We take great care in finding just the right images. Some can be found on different public domain sites but are not from the same original, with differences in quality. When we find something, we use the highest-resolution image available and clean up extraneous marks to the best of our ability. When we know it, we tell you the size of the original piece and whatever history we've uncovered relative to the piece and what it depicts.

Finally, if anything goes wrong, we are here for you. Our non-profit business, Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets, has all 5-star reviews (over 100) and many people comment about our great customer service.